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A picture of Daniel Jalkut

Daniel Jalkut

Software developer (MarsEdit, FastScripts), podcaster

A picture of Theodore Gray

Theodore Gray

Co-founder (Wolfram Research), element collector

A picture of Mark Nottingham

Mark Nottingham

Web infrastructure developer (Atom, HTTP)

A picture of Christian Neukirchen

Christian Neukirchen

Software developer (Rack, bacon)

A picture of Brendon Chung

Brendon Chung

Indie game developer (Blendo)

A picture of Damien Miller

Damien Miller

Open-source developer (OpenSSH, OpenBSD)

A picture of Mitchell Hashimoto

Mitchell Hashimoto

Entrepeneur, developer (Vagrant)

A picture of Lynn Root

Lynn Root

Software developer (Red Hat, PyLadies SF)

A picture of Gerard Holzmann

Gerard Holzmann

Software researcher (JPL), developer (Spin)

A picture of Paul Tweedy

Paul Tweedy

Senior Technical Architect, BBC