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A picture of Katie Shelly

Katie Shelly

Media designer (Cooper-Hewitt Labs)

A picture of Yuri Victor

Yuri Victor

Developer, user experience designer (Vox Media)

A picture of Amelia Greenhall

Amelia Greenhall

Data scientist, executive director (Double Union)

A picture of James Ernest

James Ernest

Creator of Cheapass Games, videographer

A picture of David Sirlin

David Sirlin

Game designer (Sirlin Games)

A picture of Steve Gaynor

Steve Gaynor

Game designer, writer, co-founder (The Fullbright Company)

A picture of Ryan Essmaker

Ryan Essmaker

Designer, developer (The Great Discontent)

A picture of junkboy


Illustrator, graphics designer (Mojang)

A picture of Chris Glass

Chris Glass

Designer (Wire & Twine)

A picture of Missy Titus

Missy Titus

UX and visual designer (StackMob)