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A collection of nerdy interviews asking people from all walks of life what they use to get the job done.

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A picture of Sam Barlow

Sam Barlow

Game designer, writer (Her Story)

A picture of Gemma Lord

Gemma Lord


A picture of Lauren Hallden

Lauren Hallden

Designer (RJMetrics), web tinkerer

A picture of Lindsay Small-Butera

Lindsay Small-Butera

Animator, designer, director (Baman Piderman)

A picture of Bernie DeKoven

Bernie DeKoven

Game designer, fun theorist

A picture of Christina Xu

Christina Xu

Ethnographer, organizational designer

A picture of Susan Lin

Susan Lin

Artist, designer, developer (Treehouse)

A picture of Kate Towers

Kate Towers

Fashion designer, artist

A picture of Michelle Vandy

Michelle Vandy

Brand designer (Omada Health)

A picture of Michael Sng

Michael Sng

Toy designer (Codename Colossus)