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A picture of Meg Lewis

Meg Lewis

Designer (Ghostly Ferns)

A picture of Jake Hollands

Jake Hollands

Multi-disciplinary graphic designer

A picture of Nicole Stafford

Nicole Stafford

Freelance 2D animator (Souviens Ten-Zan), designer

A picture of Deborah

Deborah "CandyStations" Johnson

Visual and concert designer

A picture of Ryan Troy Ford

Ryan Troy Ford

Artist, designer, screenprinter (Ghost Press)

A picture of Chris Remo

Chris Remo

Game designer, composer (Campo Santo), podcaster (Idle Thumbs)

A picture of Javier Arce

Javier Arce

Designer, illustrator, web developer (CARTO)

A picture of Peter Richardson

Peter Richardson

Map hacker (Mapzen)

A picture of Lily Nishita

Lily Nishita

Graphic designer, illustrator (Naughty Dog)

A picture of George Oates

George Oates

Designer, founder of Good, Form & Spectacle