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A picture of Andrew Kim

Andrew Kim

Designer, dog lover

A picture of Rob Giampietro

Rob Giampietro

Designer (Project Projects), writer

A picture of Mike Kruzeniski

Mike Kruzeniski

Former principal design lead (Windows Phone)

A picture of Ethan Schoonover

Ethan Schoonover

Designer, developer (Kinkless, Solarized)

A picture of Antony Johnston

Antony Johnston

Writer (Wasteland, Dead Space)

A picture of Nick Disabato

Nick Disabato

Designer, tree killer (Distance, Cadence & Slang)

A picture of Max Temkin

Max Temkin

Designer (Cards Against Humanity, political campaigns)

A picture of Mandy Brown

Mandy Brown

Designer, writer, editor (A Book Apart)

A picture of Julian Bleecker

Julian Bleecker

Designer, technologist (Near Future Laboratory)

A picture of Andy Hertzfeld

Andy Hertzfeld

Developer (Macintosh), software designer (Google+)