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A picture of Missy Titus

Missy Titus

UX and visual designer (StackMob)

A picture of Jennifer Brook

Jennifer Brook

Interaction designer, book artist

A picture of Julie Ann Horvath

Julie Ann Horvath

Designer, developer (GitHub)

A picture of Cory Schmitz

Cory Schmitz

Graphic designer, illustrator

A picture of Derek Chatwood

Derek Chatwood

Game designer, illustrator

A picture of Mike Monteiro

Mike Monteiro

Designer, director (Mule)

A picture of Greg J. Smith

Greg J. Smith

Editor (HOLO), designer

A picture of Nicholas Rezabek

Nicholas Rezabek

Designer, poster maker (The Bubble Process)

A picture of Patric King

Patric King


A picture of Tom Bihn

Tom Bihn

Bag designer, CEO