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A collection of nerdy interviews asking people from all walks of life what they use to get the job done.

Cartoonist (Page 2)

There are 27 interviews in this category.

A picture of Miranda Harmon

Miranda Harmon

Cartoonist, illustrator

A picture of Jesse Moynihan

Jesse Moynihan

Cartoonist (Forming)

A picture of David Malki !

David Malki !

Designer, cartoonist (Wondermark)

A picture of Matthew Bogart

Matthew Bogart

Cartoonist (The Chairs' Hiatus and Oh, It's the End of the World)

A picture of Scott McCloud

Scott McCloud

Cartoonist, author

A picture of Hope Larson

Hope Larson

Cartoonist, writer, director

A picture of Abby Howard

Abby Howard

Cartoonist (The Last Halloween, Junior Scientist Power Hour)

A picture of Terry Colon

Terry Colon

Illustrator, cartoonist

A picture of Nicholas Gurewitch

Nicholas Gurewitch

Cartoonist (The Perry Bible Fellowship)

A picture of Elaine Short

Elaine Short

Writer, editor, cartoonist